Startups today face a unique challenge.

Customer acquisition has become insanely expensive. 40 cents of every venture dollar spent goes back to either Google, Facebook or Amazon.

Here are some more crazy stats:
Customer acquistion is not the silver bullet it once was. Today, it's all about customer retention!


Community is the solution to increasing customer retention!!!

Customers want to be a part of a community that helps them solve their problems, but more importantly, to be a part of a journey that helps them achieve greater objectives.

Casa was inspired by this notion of community-led growth. Community-led growth is a completely new paradigm that helps startups focus on community, which in turn helps startups leverage community to identify early adopters, get feedback, announce updates, and build their customer community!

Startups must thus use community-led growth as a means to achieve growth and find product-market fit.

However, there is no all-in-one tool that helps startups achieve this objective!

Casa aims to solve the problem of customer retention and aspires to create a world where it will be extremely easy to build community and interact with your early adopters, so you can grow with them!

Casa will enable any startup to build a community around their audience, and share their knowledge with a white-labelled out-of-the-box solution.

Building community is the most fulfiling way to engage your customers over the long term and keep them engaged throughout your journey.

Please try out Casa for yourself and write to us with any feedback or suggestions -